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Philip Margolin's Wild Justice
Mass murder, torture, and a handsome physician come together in this thriller about black-market organ sales.
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Gone, But Not ForgottenGone, But Not Forgotten
Ten years ago, a man was arrested for murdering a string of housewives. Now, more women are missing and the crimes seem related. Feminist attorney Betsy Tannenbaum sets out on the trail of a killer who leaves no traces but a black rose and a letter reading "Gone, but not forgotten."
Richie and Elaine--two young lovers who have set out for an evening of passion and self-discovery. Only Richie dies that night in a flurry of violence, and Elaine lives only long enough to understand how lucky Richie was. Heartstone opens with two vicious murders and ends in a web of lies and deceit.
The Last Innocent ManThe Last Innocent Man
Attorney David Nash is staying awake at nights with the knowledge that his virtuoso performances in court may be setting murderers and rapists free. His next client, a respected family man, offers a chance at redemption, a chance to set the innocent free. Only before the trial is over, David will question everything he knows to be true and see his world turned upside down.
After DarkAfter Dark
Tracy Cavanaugh is a talented young lawyer working for a man who had never had a client executed. Her first big case is a dream come true, an opportunity to defend one of her legal idols who has been set up by someone she sent to prison. As the case unfolds, Tracy uncovers evidence that puts her in a moral quandary--and in great danger.
Undertaker's WidowUndertaker's Widow
What happens when good people make rash decisions and trust all the wrong people? That's the question Phillip Margolin explores through the character of Richard Quinn, a young judge who gets involved in the case he's adjudicating. In his search for the truth, Richard stumbles into blackmail and grave danger, and in the end he must choose between saving his principles and saving himself.
The Burning ManThe Burning Man
"You possess the intelligence to be a good lawyer, but you're lazy and self-centered," Peter Hale's Dad tells him. Peter has just taken over one of his father's cases and cost a paralyzed woman her million-dollar settlement. Now Peter has relocated to Oregon and taken the case of a retarded man accused of murder. If Peter succeeds, his client is spared the death penalty and he has a chance to redeem himself in his father's eyes. The Burning Man is a tense blend of legal and psychological tension.


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