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Fiction - Suspense | Bantam | Hardcover | April 2005 | $24.00 | 0-553-80330-1

"A brilliantly written suspense novel that involves international intrigue, politics, espionage and psychological suspense. Peopled with complex multi-dimensional characters and an exciting and fast-paced plot, this well written novel had me totally enthralled. The powerful storyline is fascinating and compelling with adventure at its fullest. Excellent writing with emotional depth from a master storyteller."
Sharon B.

"BLOWN is an intense, absorbing thriller I couldn't put down. The action flows fast and furious, like a movie playing in your mind. Adding to the story is an ensemble cast of characters that are extremely well drawn. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and didn't want it to end. I can't wait for the next title in the series."
Jamie E.

"This book is the rare sequel which manages to stand alone while still carrying on the original story by integrating earlier action seamlessly into the plot line. In addition to being a VERY good suspense read, it also can scare the pants off you by how very easily one truly unscrupulous person can totally mess up everything from personal lives to national security!"
Carol G.

"Francine Mathews continues the page turning suspense in this sequel to THE CUTOUT. The story of Caroline and Eric is suspenseful, terrifying, and grippingly heartbreaking. This was a really great read. I will definitely recommend this book to my family and friends who love spy and thriller stories."
Joyce J.

"I enjoyed this book greatly. It reads more like a James Bond story than your typical mystery. The book starts off at a rapid pace. You are introduced to the major characters, and the first act of terrorism occurs within the first few chapters. After that, the book never looks back. You find yourself traveling back and forth between Germany and the United States, as spies are crossing and double-crossing each other, and, before you know it, you'll be addicted to this great read!"
Jeremy W.

"The book was an absolute delight. It was one thrill after the other. I especially liked the way the author was able to integrate the different time lines together to tell a cohesive story that was both believable and exciting enough to hold my interest during a boring and critical hospital stay. I would enjoy reading other works by this author—the book was a winner!"

"The main characters immediately piqued my interest and I wanted to learn more. The excitement of the story made it an entertaining read."
Jacqueline B.

"I really liked this book. It has a strong heroine who uses her head and her heart. I like that she wasn't portrayed as a damsel in distress or as an iceberg. The plot was great and the ending perfect for the story. I passed along my thoughts to a few Internet friends and they bought the book and liked it as well."
Krystal N.

"I love spy novels. Terrorists, intelligence agencies, etc., make for good reading and are timely subjects. The plot of BLOWN is interesting; it has twists and turns—I liked it."
Eleanor M.

"I couldn't put it down the moment I read the first page. I was on the edge of my seat as if I were watching it on TV. I can't wait to read another one."
Latrice B. - The Online Mystery Network

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