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Mystery Net takes you to the movies! Check out top 50 mystery and crime movies of all time and get the scoop and recommendations in each category.

From the critically acclaimed to the overlooked, from the famous to the infamous, these are the 50 films that anyone who enjoys a mystery won't want to miss.
Top 50 Mystery Movies
Pick a Genre: Private Eye Movies, Police Procedurals, Film Noir Mystery Movies, Gangster and Robber Movies, Killers and Psychos, Thrillers

Top Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Movies from MysteryNet's Top 50

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Mystery Movies

The Private Eye in American Cinema

Private Eyes are as American as Mom and apple pie--but not nearly as wholesome. MysteryNet presents Hollywood's best P.I.s and the movies that feature them.

Talking Tough
Dialogue in Hard-boiled Movies

Hard-boiled. The term denotes a certain type of bad attitude. An attitude best expressed not by violence, but by dialogue.

Tough Guys
Gangsters and Robbers

Movies featuring organized crime and gangs of robbers have been among the most popular since the early days.

Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, created a Film Culture. The complete Alfred Hitchcock Filmography includes a list of all his work.

Edgar Award-Winning Mystery Movies

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