Scarface, the Movie


Howard Hawks

Ben Hecht, W.R. Burnett, Seton I. Miller, John Lee Mahin, and Fred Pasley

Paul Mini, Ann Dvorak, George Raft, and Boris Karloff

The most noteworthy of early movie depictions of the mob. Set in Chicago during prohibition, the film traces the rise (and fall) of Tony Camonte (Muni) as he murders and intimidates his way to the top of the gang-controlled underworld of the city. The film’s subtitle was “The Shame of a Nation.” Loosely based on the life of Al Capone.
Originally the film had a series of scenes depicting the trial, conviction, and hanging of Tony rather than the current ending with him being gunned down in the streets. Set in Miami the story was remade in 1983 in a drug-dominated version directed by Brian De Palma and starring Al Pacino as a Cuban gangster in the original Muin role.


Format: VHS


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