Out of the Past, the Movie


Jacques Tourneur

Geoffrey Homes (a.k.a. Daniel Mainwaring and based on his novel I Build My Gallows High)

Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas, and Rhonda Fleming

Mitchum gets sucked back into his former life by a previous employer, a gangster (Douglas), and his (and Mitchum’s) former lover (Greer) and it all ends in deceit and murder. This film is one of the classic 1940’s noir films with all of the ingredients: an especially seductive femme fatale, a double-crossing partner, a twisted plot, and a past that won’t let go. Both Mitchum and Greer are outstanding as the doomed couple. Greer is especially good: cool, calculating, and calmly ruthless.
In the film’s remake Against All Odds (1984) Rachel Ward plays the part Jane Greer had in the original, and Jane Greer plays her mother.


Format: VHS


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