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Top 50 Mystery Movies

top50.gangsters.pic“There are eight million stories in the naked city,” and Hollywood has told an astonishing number of them. Come along for shoot-outs and stakeouts, for gunfights and fistfights, and for incredible chases by foot and by car. Discuss Police Procedural Movies

The Naked City

1948; Barry Fitzgerald, Howard Duff, and Ted de Corsia

The Big Heat

1953; Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Lee Marvin, and Jocelyn Brando and Lee Patrick

In the Heat of the Night

1967;Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger, Warren Oates, and Lee Grant

The French Connection

1974; Gene Hackman, Roy Schieder, and Fernando Rey

Dirty Harry

1972; Clint Eastwood, Hary Guardino, and Andy Robinson


1973; Al Pacino, John Randolph, Jack Kehoe, Biff McGuire, Barbara Eda-Young, Cornelia Sharp, Tony Roberts

Gorky Park

1983; William Hurt, Lee Marvin, Joanna Pacula


1995; Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi, William H. Macy, Kristin Rudrud

L.A. Confidential

1997; Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, David Strathairn, Kim Basinger, and Danny DeVito


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