Fatal Attraction, the Movie


Adrian Lyne

James Dearden

Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Anne Archer

Although ultimately flawed, the first two-thirds of this movie manages to set up terrific tension after married Douglas and on-the-prowl Close meet on a weekend and make an affair out of it. He wants to end it; she does not. She ends up terrorizing him and his family, making his life a living hell. After the crackerjack beginning, the movie starts to tire until its brutal climax which doesn’t really fit with what the story that preceded it. The characters mostly are verbally nasty to each other, although the boiled rabbit scene is a shocker. Well-acted by Douglas, Close, and Archer.
The original ending in which Close committed suicide was scrapped after negative reactions at test-screenings. Audiences wanted her punished for her sins.


Format: VHS


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