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Katy Munger author photoKaty Munger has written a cozy series for Don Fire and Ballantine/Ivy under a pseudonym. She lives in Durham, North Carolina.
Originally, I started the Casey series out of frustration over how female P.I.s and mystery heroines were being portrayed in current literature. They were always walking into dumb situations and ending up unhappy in love. It was almost as if publishers felt that readers wanted strong women to pay for their independence in some way, whether it was a lousy love life or a need to be bailed out by some male sidekick. So I built Casey Jones as a strong woman, both emotionally and physically, one who was intelligent and funny, but who also had her flaws: extreme stubbornness and impatience.
"Bad to the Bone" is a book that came out of my musings on Casey's flaws. Many authors--and readers--like their protagonists to stay the same. But I was in the mood to change Casey a bit when I started this fourth book, or to at least show a new side of her. So "Bad to the Bone" explores Casey's dark side and what can happen when she becomes so obsessed with a case that she loses her perspective and fails to see things clearly.
Of course, the idea of a blonde and beautiful villain has long been attractive to writers. In this case, I felt it was especially interesting since Casey herself is blonde and bold. What would happen, I wondered, if she came across her dark side personified?
I have also long been interested in that breed of humans who seem so charming and gracious on the outside, but who leave a trail of manipulated victims behind them as they march through life in search of self-gratification. I think almost everyone knows someone like that. What if someone decided to put an end to the destruction, I began to imagine, someone outside of law enforcement? And what if that someone was Casey?
All of these thoughts, plus my desire to play around with Casey's character, led me to the plot of "Bad to the Bone". I hope you enjoy the results.


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