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Murder mystery games and puzzles allow you to be the detective, investigate the crime scenes, and solve the mysteries.

Nancy Drew Games

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games
Dinner parties are more interesting when you have a murder mystery party game

How to Host a Murder Mystery Games by Decipher
Decipher's "How to Host a Murder" series of mystery games are very popular

Compare Online Game Subscription Services
Download and play games on your computer anytime. Free trials.

Clue and other Mystery Board Games
Clue board game and other murder mystery games

Murder Mystery Computer and CD-ROM Games
Mystery adventures that fully immerse players into fictional worlds

Murder Mystery Puzzles
Read the story, assemble the puzzle, and combine literal and visual clues to solve the crime

CSI Crime Scene Investigation CD-ROM Computer Game
Solve a mystery with the characters from the TV show

Law & Order CD-ROM computer game
Solve a mystery with the characters from the TV show

Discuss mystery games and puzzles with others in MysteryNet Community!
Mystery games and puzzles discussion