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Owen Parry's Faded Coat of Blue
Civil War historical mystery
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Owen Parry's Faded Coat of Blue coverVeteran of Queen Victoria's wars and recent immigrant to America, AbelJones believed he had left his days in uniform behind. Now, firmlyrooted on the shores of his adopted land-where American has taken uparms against American in this most terrible of conflicts-he has signedon as a confidential agent to General George McClellan, the man toutedas the savior of the Union. Within hours Jones finds himself in a darkand unexpected world, where questions lead not to answers, but to otherdeaths.
Set against the backdrop of battles and bordellos, of the intrigues ofwar-time Washington and the elegant mansions of old Philadelphia, FADEDCOAT OF BLUE reaches behind the myths and heroics to paint a ravishing,disturbing and deeply moving portrait of the United States in the midstof our harshest trial. A determinedly moral man in a troubled age, AbelJones triggers a drama involving greedy immigrants and impassionedpatriots, vicious politicians and the greatest president the country hasever known. His investigation draws him into a web of sinisterrelationships that reveals a hidden side to Fowler's life and ashocking secret the youth may have died for. As a nation begins its longmarch into war-and as President Lincoln agonizes over the comingcarnage-Abel Jones discovers that good and evil are easily intertwined,while heroes may be betrayed by those who cherished them the most.
Vividly told, rich in history and compelling authentic detail, FADEDCOAT OF BLUE is a riveting tale of crime and punishment set amid theblood and tumult of the American Civil War; a startlingly original workof fiction that introduces Abel Jones, a most unusual crime-solver, atrue American hero, and a keen observer of a world on fire.

Praise for Owen Parry's Mysteries

"This splendid novel whets the appetite for the promised next volume andthe continuing adventures of the modest hero."
-- Publishers Weekly
"In a winning blend of history and mystery, Parry brings to life CivilWar Washington, D.C., and environs through the eyes of an exceptionalUnion soldier."
--Booklist - The Online Mystery Network The Online Mystery Network.

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