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A woman's unborn child is the key to a cult leader's sinister plan.
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The chilling new thriller by the author of Dark Horse

Doug Richardson's TRUE BELIEVERS coverAfter years of heartbreaking disappointments, Gwen Sullivan is finally pregnant, thanks to a special procedure performed at a confidential Dallas clinic. But the small life that grows within her may not be created by her husband. Instead, it is the spawn of an imprisoned psychopath responsible for an unspeakable slaughter-- a twisted cult leader whose powers extend far beyond his prison cell, a dark messiah whose acolytes are everywhere.
Now Gwen and Will Sullivan have become the pawns in a conspiracy of staggering proportions--as their lives are manipulated, methodically and with frightening craft, by a condemned madman who plans for his final act on Earth to be the total enslavement and destruction of a great American family. In and beyond the glare of TV camera lights and the screaming tabloid headlines, one influential family's desperate battle for survival has begun-- a war of moves, countermoves, dark truths, deadly lies, coercion, treachery and terror that will spread from Death Row to the highest residence in the land.
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Praise for Doug Richardson and True Believers

"The author gives us two of the great things a storyteller has to offer: a compelling glimpse into the conflicted human soul and a heroic, two-fisted, nail-biter of a thriller."
-- The Detroit News

"An ingeniously plotted story."
-- Steve Martini

"Wickedly sleazy... Occasionally gory, darkly cynical, over-the-top political slam-dunk, with comic portrayals of campaign tricks so dirty that it's amazing that they're legal."
-- Kirkus Review

"Wonderfully villain... every time he's on the page the novel's energy level rises to a crackle."
-- Publishers Weekly

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