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The Story Behind the Book
From the bestselling author of Subterranean comes an extraordinary adventure of mystery, discovery, and breath taking peril in an ancient hidden city of the dead.
When I read a book, I love to be transported to another place, another time--and when I write, I try to do the same. Why write about a place unless youíre intrigued by it yourself?
In my first novel, Subterranean, I dealt with my first love: cave exploration. For an amateur spelunker, there is nothing more exciting than crawling and searching through an undiscovered "wild" cave. So in this first novel, I grabbed my cast of characters and threw them two miles under the Antarctic ice, into an uncharted cavern system at the heart of the world.
Now in my latest novel, Excavation, I get to do what I always wanted to do: to join an archaeological team on an isolated dig.
As a boy, I had read the true adventures of Howard Carter's discovery of the golden tomb of King Tut. It was an exciting tale, filled with intrigue, treachery, and a hint of an ancient Egyptian curse. What more could a boy ask for in a story? Ever since, I've dreamed of following in Howard Carterís footsteps. And now in writing Excavation, I was finally granted this chance, if only in my own imagination. The novel follows archaeologist, Henry Conklin (note the same initials as the famed explorer above), who discovers an unknown Inca city high in the Andean mountains. Like Mr. Carterís story, Henryís adventure is a tale fraught with dangerous pitfalls, lost treasures, and a curse that threatens all of mankind.
What more could anyone want in a story?


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