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"Death of an Ice Princess" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #99 - May 2015

Orig. appeared Feb. 2000


Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

"The Ghost and the Seance"
Jacob Farley was scared to death by a ghost, but Harry's suspects are all very much alive.

Crime Scene See-n-Solve

"Eddy Duran," Amy said out of the blue as she lowered her menu.

"That's his name," replied her father. "I was trying to remember."

It wasn't so odd that they would both be thinking of Eddy Duran. Eddy had been the headwaiter at Tony's Cafe on that cold February night four months ago when he ran off with Tony's wife, Gilda. It was now a sultry June evening, and still, no one could eat at Tony's without thinking of the scandal.

"What made you mention Eddy?" asked Harry.

"He just walked in the door."

The restaurant became deadly quiet as Eddy Duran said hello to a few of the stunned waiters, then strolled up to Tony, looking as innocent as a baby.

"Tony. How's it going?"

"Where's my wife?" the restaurant owner demanded.

Eddy seemed puzzled. "How should I know? Look, I'm sorry I quit and left you in the lurch, but my mom in Indiana died. I wound up staying a few months. I explained it all in the note."

"What note? All I know is one night you and Gilda disappeared. Her suitcase and clothes, too."

"Wow." Eddy seemed shocked. "Gilda disappeared? And you thought that I--"

The kitchen door slammed open and in the doorway stood Shamus, the new headwaiter, his face as white as his shirt. "Boss, we gotta talk."

"Not now." Tony turned back to Eddy. "So if Gilda didn't skip town with you, where is she?"

"That's what I'm trying to tell you." Shamus stepped forward. "I found Gilda in the walk-in freezer. Stuffed back in that area we never use. She's dead."

Everyone instinctively turned to Harry-- Detective Harry Silver, star of the city's detective bureau. For his part, Harry turned to Amy, the secret brains behind those brilliantly solved cases.

"Who has keys to the restaurant?" asked Amy.

Shamus answered. "Tony, Tony's mother, and me."

"Get them all into the freezer," Amy whispered to her father. "Eddy, too. I want to see the body and ask a few questions."

Crime Scene See-n-Solve

Illustrations by Josh Neufeld