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Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

"The Kidnapper's Gamble"
Can you solve the mystery?

Amy and Harry Silver Lieutenant Harry Silver had been a good, conscientious detective for over twenty years, but had never been a star. And then one day his daughter Amy knocked on his door. She was moving back home to try to recover from a disastrous first marriage.

The first time Amy joined her father at a murder scene it was a fluke. But Amy had a natural skill, an uncanny way of looking at things and deducing exactly what must have happened. Detective Silver followed his daughter's hunch, solving the murder in record time. Before long, he was sneaking Amy onto all sorts of police-restricted sites and using her to solve the thorniest of cases.

Amy's personal life is recovering slowly. But everywhere she goes, crime seems to follow. On her first serious date since the divorce, a murder occurs. And when Amy applies for a job in the mayor's office, the mayor gets killed. Even a party with her old high school friends culminates in a theft.

Can you match Amy's talent for deduction? Read the story. Then examine the crime scene. As you explore the graphic with your cursor, windows will open, giving additional details to help your investigation.

If, after reviewing the case, you still don't have the answer, feel free to check out Amy's Logic, an explanation of how Amy came to her conclusion about this puzzling mystery.

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Illustrations by Josh Neufeld