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"That's a Lie!" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #102 - August 2015

Amy's Logic

Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

"A Picture-Perfect Homicide"
Can you solve the crime just from the movie poster?

Amy Silver

"Maybe they're all telling the truth about what they saw or heard."

"It's possible," conceded Amy. "And the fact that they all deny the accusations?"

"Human nature," replied Locklear. "I mean, it's incriminating stuff. Getting a black eye from the victim; prying open a box; having a shouting match with the victim; scheduling a meeting around the time he's killed. Sure they'd deny it."

"Incriminating, yes. But none of it proves anything. They could all be innocent."


Amy paused. "What if I told you that one of the witnesses fabricated his or her testimony?"

"What do you mean? Trying to pin it on an innocent person? I would give that witness a lot of scrutiny."

"So would I. Look around this room, David. Then reconstruct each witness's statement. One of them can't be true. It's physically impossible."

How do you know?

 Mrs. Falk
 Kevin Wright
 Misty Falk
 Vern, the gardener
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