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"The Kidnapper's Gamble" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #83 - January 2016

Orig. appeared Oct. 1999


Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

Crime Scene See-n-Solve

"What's she doing here?" the department chief said as Amy Silver walked into the precinct's interview room.

Harry Silver had to think fast. "Chief, you've met my daughter Amy."

A blind man would have noticed Amy during the past few months. She always seemed to be around when Silver solved one of his big cases. "Showing off in front of your little girl?" Chief Jerkins growled. "Silver, this is a sensitive situation."

"My car's in the shop," Harry lied. "Amy drove me. She'll sit in the back; she won't say a thing."

Chief Jerkins sighed. "Whatever. No time for arguments. If we don't find where this scum hid the kidnap victim, the little girl will die. That's what he says."

The chief brought his star detective up to speed. Eight-year-old Sissy Hockenfeffer had been kidnapped while waiting for her chauffeur to pick her up from school. Her doting father, John D. Hockenfeffer, received a ransom demand for one million dollars and told his bodyguard to deliver the money and not try anything that might endanger Sissy's life.

But the bodyguard hadn't quite followed instructions. While dropping off the ransom, he managed to capture the pick-up man, a thug named Carlos Gleason, which didn't prove a very good idea.

The chief glared at the overzealous security man. "Gleason says that unless he's released, the girl's gonna die. Hockenfeffer is pressuring us to let the guy go. I don't see we got a choice - unless you can figure it out, Silver. Where's the girl being held? We gotta find out or else we gotta let Gleason go and hope for the best."

Harry caught Amy's eye, then took a deep breath. "Leave the bodyguard and Gleason and the chauffeur in here with me. I'll see what I can do."

Crime Scene See-n-Solve

Illustrations by Josh Neufeld