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"The Kidnapper's Gamble" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #83 - January 2016

Amy's Logic

Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

Amy Silver

"My ex-husband had a nervous smile like that," Amy said with a sneer.

"It always meant no good, like he was waiting for the ax to fall. He was smiling like that one night when I was going through our credit card statement looking for my gym payment. A minute later I found a receipt for that motel where he and that slut... Well, that's another story.

"See how Gleason keeps looking out the window? Each time, he gets more nervous. And yet there's nothing out there to see. No people. Even Gleason isn't stupid enough to think he's going to be rescued. All he can see are the tree and the moon. No clouds.

"The tree isn't moving, so that can't be it. But the moon...

"Dad, come on. We'll need all your men to search for her. And some accurate, detailed maps. I know what to look for, but I don't know exactly where. Hurry. We don't have much time."

Why is time an element in saving Sissy's life?

 The chauffeur
 The bodyguard
 Carlos Gleason
 Not sure