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"Murder on the Third Hole" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #92 - October 2014

Amy's Logic

Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

Amy Silver

"Looks like our Norman was a blackmailer," Harry said as he combed through the ashes. "A psychiatrist hears plenty of secrets. An unscrupulous husband with time on his hands could probably make decent money."

Amy agreed. "Someone broke into the cabinet and burned the incriminating files. Norm was supposed to be playing golf. But he came into the room, ran into the intruder and got attacked."

"And that brings us to the matter of access. The house was locked up pretty tight. Only a few people gained entry and..." Harry glanced at Amy. "You're not paying attention. What's up?"

"Two things," Amy replied. "One is the hidden body. Someone dragged it behind the screen so it wouldn't get found so quickly. And the other is a something that shouldn't be in the room but is."

"The killer left a clue?"

"The killer didn't leave it personally. But it got left, and it points to only one person."

How do you know?

 Sara Blandings
 Keith, the golf pro
 Wes Olsen
 Betty Ivers
 Not sure