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"The Star-Crossed Star" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #104 - October 2015

Amy's Logic

Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

Amy Silver

"The killer was in disguise, of course," Amy said, her voice tense with anger. "The sighting yesterday is supposed to make us think it was a hired hit man or a deranged fan. But it wasn't. It was one of these people."

"How do you know that?" Harry asked.

"Look at them," Amy replied. "It should be clear just by looking at them."

"Amy, that doesn't make sense. I know how much Johnny meant to you, but you can't get emotional."

"Dad, it makes perfect sense. Look carefully. The killer was in a rush to change out of costume. A detail was overlooked."

How do you know?

 Alisha Brown, Fan Club President
 Betty Dicker, Manager
 Bob Turandot, Producer
 Not sure