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"Too Many Detectives" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #93 - November 2014


Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

The correct answer is Frank Junior.



45% Frank Junior
10% Claire
20% Mario
15% Captain Locklearn
10% Not sure

"Good job," the captain said softly.

"Me?" Amy tried to look surprised. "You were the one who pieced it all together."

"Only after you mentioned the missing object. I should have seen right off that the victim's white shirt was gone. Even when I noticed the shirt, it took me a minute. Why would the killer take the victim's shirt?"

"Because it was clean," Amy said. "The killer needed a clean shirt. His own was bloodstained and had to be disposed of in the fireplace. Brilliant work, Captain."

"Right," Locklear growled. "And since only one suspect was the right size and the right sex to wear the victim's shirt, it had to be Junior." The captain paused as they watch Frank Plimpton Junior being led away in handcuffs. "You should join the force."

"Me?" Amy blushed.

"No. I'm just a gal who wants to stay at home and take care of the kids. No career for me." Amy was kidding, of course. Or at least she thought so.

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