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"Five Scarlet Letters" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #96 - February 2015


Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

The correct answer is Sergeant Heikle.



15% Aaron Adelman
13% Sheik Ben Alibi
18% Jerry Sheik
46% Sergeant Heikle
9% Not sure

The vital clues lie in the letters themselves. Amy noticed the capital H and the crowded positioning of the S. The victim hadn't written "sheik" at all, but "heik", the first four letters of his killer's name. Heikle.

Sergeant Jim Heikle.

Sergeant Heikle was hired to assassinate Judge Miller. He got assigned to bodyguard duty and planned his attack for the party, when there would be plenty of suspects.

Heikle lured the Judge to an out-of-the-way room, stabbed him and left him for dead. When he returned with Officer Deacon to discover the body, Heikle saw the letters. He sent Deacon away, then proceeded to add an S to the message, changing it from "Heik" to "SHeik."

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