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"Murder on the Third Hole" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #92 - October 2014


Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

The correct answer is Keith, the golf pro.



30% Sara Blandings
35% Keith, the golf pro
20% Wes Olsen
10% Betty Ivers
5% Not sure

Harry thought over Amy's last bit of logic. "It's like a riddle. The killer doesn't leave a clue, but it gets left. I give up."

"The puddle on the floor."

"That's rain. It was raining."

"Not when I hit that ball. I didn't break the glass after all. It was broken earlier. "

"No way." Harry pointed to the golf ball. "That's your ball."

"Then how do you explain the puddle?" Harry couldn't. "Keith must have been one of the patients being blackmailed. Thinking Norman was out playing golf, Keith breaks in and burns the files. Norman walks in and gets killed. Keith hides the body, hoping to gain some time.

"He gets me to slice a shot in this general direction, then goes into his act, dropping a new ball in this room and discovering the body."

"Why would he go to all that trouble?"

"To gain an alibi. He had no access to the locked-up house, right? And what if, with all the breaking in and burning, he had left fingerprints on something? By being the guy who discovered the body, he could explain them away."

Harry nodded. "Could be. But I think you just want to get out of learning golf."

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