Four Guilty Suspects – Amy’s Logic

Amy listened to the four confessions, then examined the room.

“There are holes in all four stories,” she finally whispered to her father.

“What do you mean, holes?”

“Take Hanna Grant. She says Dr. Ace swung the shopping bag right before she stabbed her. Yet the bag is upright on the floor. The other three confessions have similar errors in them.”

Harry gave a sigh. Or was it a groan? “So, all our suspects are lying? None of them did it?

Amy smiled. “In her notes, Dr. Ace said this homicidal patient was clever. He or she purposely made a mistake, so we would eliminate the confession. But he or she also made a real mistake, something that squarely points the finger of guilt.”

“What’s with all this ‘he or she’ stuff?” Harry Silver growled. “You know who it is.”

Solved it?

Who killed Dr. Vivian Ace?

  • Hanna Grant
  • Jessica Bean
  • Gary Reuter
  • Dean Bank
  • Not Sure


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