Dead Man’s Curve – Amy’s Logic

Amy looked up from the Highway Patrol’s report.

“Can you see why I was interested?” Harry asked.

“Of course. The body was thrown clear of the car before impact. So how did blood get into the car interior? I’m guessing the killer knocked him out and drove him down to this spot wearing his cap. Then this person staged the accident and went back up to the house without anyone noticing the difference.”

“Any one of them could have done it?” Harry said. “They’re all young and strong. And the sons might not have persuaded him to dump the new wife. Perhaps he was going to give even more property to her. They all could have good motives.”

Amy nodded. “So let’s figure the logistics. How did the killer manage the details? That will tell us who it is.”

Solved it?

Who killed John Keebler?

  • Saul
  • Nathan
  • Marla Weeks
  • Not Sure


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