Suicide Sonata – Amy’s Logic

“It’s a clear-cut case of suicide,” Barry whispered. “It couldn’t be more clear-cut. But I take it you don’t agree.”

“No,” Amy said reluctantly. “I agree that Bruce Browne was depressed and angry at the world. But why would he call me, a near-perfect stranger, just seconds before shooting himself?”

“I don’t know,” Barry admitted. “Is it so important?”

“I think so. It makes absolutely no sense, him taking my number from some notepad, then calling me from out here just seconds before shooting himself–unless… Unless he didn’t make the call.”

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    Solved it?

    Who killed Bruce Browne?

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    • Julia Browne
    • Dr. Cecil Freers
    • Lana Polaski
    • Barry Whitaker
    • Not sure


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