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"That's a Lie!" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #102 - August 2015


Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

"A Picture-Perfect Homicide"
Can you solve the crime just from the movie poster?

The correct answer is Vern, the gardener.



15% Mrs. Falk
19% Kevin Wright
9% Misty Falk
46% Vern, the gardener
0% Not Sure

"Vern claimed that Mrs. Falk walked directly through this room to the exit. She didn't even turn her head enough to see Vern standing at the window. So, how could Vern have seen the bruise around her left eye? That eye was never turned his direction."

Locklear rubbed his chin. "Maybe Vern saw the bruise earlier."

"But that's not what he said. He said it was a fresh bruise. He said he heard the slap."

"But he couldn't have."

Amy smiled. "Here's what I think happened. Vern had a fight with Clarence Falk at 11:15, just as Misty said. He stabbed Falk in a rage, then ran off. He grabbed his watering can and did what he claimed, went around to the window boxes. His lie about Mrs. Falk accomplished two things: it threw suspicion on her; and it got us thinking the murder might have occurred later than it really did. If I were you, I'd check Vern's hedge trimmer. The blades might just fit the wound."

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