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"The Bubble Bath Murder" by Hy Conrad

See-n-Solve #94 - December 2014


Learn about Amy and Harry Silver

"Too Many Detectives"
Can you solve the mystery?

The correct answer is Joshua Hurd.



30% Carol Conover
40% Joshua Hurd
20% Chuck Freeberg
5% Tom Gheary
5% Not sure

Amy didn't want to seem like a know-it-all, but she couldn't help it. "OK. What do we know for sure? Janet had a 7:30 date. She bought candles and bubble bath at 6:18 p.m. and was found dead in her bath at 8:00. All the rest is assumption. We assume she lit the candles and took a bath."

"A strong assumption," Locklear countered. "We have two witnesses who found her in the tub with the candles lit."

"How long were they lit?"

"Maybe an hour-fifteen. Chuck blew them out..." The captain stared. "You're right. It was a setup. The candles are barely burned, maybe ten minutes."

"And that tells us she was killed not around 7:00, but as late as 7:45. This setup was engineered to give someone an alibi. So, which suspect has a 7:00 alibi?"

"Just one, Joshua Hurd."

"Right. Let's suppose Janet didn't take a bath. She opens the door when Joshua arrives for the date. He kills her - why we don't know. But that puts him in a bind. People knew about his 7:30 date. He has no alibi. So, he strips off her clothes, puts her in the tub..."

"To lower her body temperature."

"Right. Then he lights the candles and leaves. A few minutes later, Carol and Chuck show up and blow out the candles. That's the only explanation."

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