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A Tribute to Henry Slesar
Henry Slesar, two-time winner of the Mystery Writers of America "Edgar" Award, had a prodigous output of mystery fiction, including more than 450 short stories, seven mystery novels, three features, and more than 100 primetime teleplays.

Edge of Night mystery soap - Henry Slesar, writer authorHe scripted more stories for the "Alfred Hitchcock" TV show than any other writer. His longest writing assignment was for the daytime mystery serial "The Edge of Night." For fifteen yeards he was the head writer of the suspense soap, writing all the stories and the vast majority of the scripts. Among "Edge of Night's" devoted fans were P.G. Wodehouse, Bette Davis and Tallulah Bankhead. TV Guide once featured Henry Slesar as "The Writer with the Biggest Audience in America" when he was the head writer on two leading soaps. For his work on "Edge of Night," Henry was awarded both an Emmy and an Edgar, and went on to become head writer on three other serials, and consultant on several more. He continued on to write primetime serials for European TV.

Henry adapted well to new forms of the mystery, including online mysteries. In conjunction with MysteryNet, Henry wrote the ground-breaking online mystery soap "Love Kills," in which a new episode was written and posted each day, and viewers voted to determine what would happen in the following episode. MysteryNet published 12 month-long individual "Love Kills" storylines over a period of a year and a half. In addition, MysteryNet published numerous Twist and Solve-it mini-mysteries, as well as other features relating to TV shows and characters in the mystery genre, crafted by Henry.

Most recently, Henry authored the novel "Murder at Heartbreak Hospital." Drawing on his own long experience in the hothouse world of soap opera, he wove a skillful, witty plot with twists and turns, red herrings and streaks of black humor. The surprising climax of this thoroughly enjoyable mystery tells us that soap opera stars might be open to threats from totally unexpected quarters.

News Update: Murder at Heartbreak Hospital has been made into a film, by Reudi Gerber. The film premieres in Los Angeles September 13. Click here for more about the movie!

Henry was a true gentleman and good friend to MysteryNet and the mystery community. He will be greatly missed.
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