Monthly interactive solve-it-yourself mini-mystery


Solve-it #145 - Killer's Prints

The Las Vegas detective said as he gazed down at the strangled corpse.

Solve-it #125 - Hotel Heist

There was a knock at the door.

Solve-it #120 - Dreadful Dinner

Bill and Jennifer Garrett were having a small dinner party when an unfortunate turn of events put a damper on the evening. Jennifer Garrett was killed in her very own backyard.
Solve-it #007 - The Unresolved Murder

Solve-it #007 - The Unresolved Murder

Will this unresolved murder finally gets its solution?

Solve-it #003 - The Family Feud

by Hy Conrad Mystery Dr. Bromley was overseeing the admission of his patient to Mt. Cedar Clinic. "It's a broken tibia," he told the administrator, showing her a series of X-rays. "I put Kurt McCoy in an inflatable leg cast. He can't walk and...
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