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Solve-it #6 - The Asprey Whites

Solve-it #6 - The Asprey Whites

"It will be a pity to sell them," Lady Dudley sighed. "But we do so need the money, at least until this stock market thing turns around."
Solve-it #5 - The Ghostly Killer

Solve-it #5 - The Ghostly Killer

It began as a harmless escapade -- four teenagers sneaking into a deserted old house. All they were looking for was a final night of adventure before one of them went off to college.

Solve-it #11: The Case of the Charley Cheetah Theft

by Carol Farley Mystery The sky was dark and cloudy as Max and Nina left Carol Decker's car. They ran past the small artificial pond in Harborville Junior High's courtyard. Nina's science class had carefully arranged various colored rocks benetath...

Killer Apartment - Solution

Solution Astor McFee Explanation Astor McFee was the only suspect with access to both the library and kitchen. The key to this mystery lies in understanding the layout of the apartment and then eliminating the impossible. The cobwebs on the back staircase...

Greedy Thief - Solution

Solution Explanation Partridge retained Radway, the student. Radway acted as if he were unaware of the killing when he entered the inspector's office, but in mentioning the statue he gave himself away. Partridge had said only that the professor had...

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