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Wayward Baseball - Solution

Solution Mr. Jenkins, the neighbor. Broke the kitchen door window and later blamed it on the baseball. A botched robbery attempt. Explanation The police eventually noticed the discrepancy between young Jimmy's testimony and that of their own...

Solve-it #006 - The Asprey Whites

by Hy Conrad Mystery It was a chilly evening in March, 1930. England's legendary business magnate, Lord Dudley was hosting a dinner party at his London mansion. As midnight struck, only the overnight guests remained in the drawing room, sipping...

Solve-it #005 - Ghostly Killer

by Hy Conrad Mystery It began as a harmless escapade -- four teenagers sneaking into a deserted old house. All they were looking for was a final night of adventure before one of them went off to college. What they found instead was death, a haunting,...

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