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Be detective in this 5-minute mystery!

"The Inline Skater" by Hy Conrad

Solve-it #315 - February 2016

Previously published Aug. 1998

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The Lawyer's Will

Disinherited relatives turn hostile and the result is murder. Can you solve The Lawyer's Will?

The Solution

Who was behind the robbery?


How other people responded:

17% said Guido
54% said Olga
22% said Lars
7% said Not sure

The Explanation

What evidence points to the culprit?

Olga hadn't yet set up the massage table.

Lucrezia always arrived home at 4:55 and Olga was always ready with the table set up and the oils ready. But on this day, Olga didn't prepare for the massage until after Lucrezia walked through the door. Why? Because she knew her employer would be late.

Realizing that Lucrezia would be taking the necklace into Manhattan with no security precautions, Olga telephoned her New York boyfriend who lay in wait outside "The 21 Club," ready to skate and steal.

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