Solve-it #003 – The Family Feud – Clues

Coroner’s Report (clue 1)

“Death definitely occurred between nine and midnight, probably within the
earlier portion of that time-frame. Cause of death was a single gunshot
to the chest, severing the right coronary artery and causing the decedent
to quickly bleed to death. Other injuries included a severely fractured
fibula bone in the lower left leg. The tibia bone was bruised but not broken.”

Witness From Room 407 (clue 2)

Mrs. Maryanne Connor: “I was a patient in the room directly below Mr. McCoy’s.
I woke up late that night.It was warm, so my window was open. Anyway, I
reached out for some water on the nightstand. I was kind of groggy and I
accidentally brushed my water glass out the window. That woke me up.
I got up and looked out to see if it had hit anybody. Well, right below
my window was this alley. There were some garbage bags there. My water
glass had hit the top of a bag and broken into a couple large pieces.
There was no body in the alley, just the bags. I checked my clock before
going back to sleep. Exactly 12:12.”

Inspection of Victim’s Room (clue 3)

Mr. McCoy’s hospital clothes were piled neatly on a chair. An examination
of the closet confirmed that the victim’s street clothes were missing, as
were his wallet and keys. His crutches were still propped against the wall
where the attending nurse had last seen them. The police confirm that the
victim’s street clothing has never been found.

Nurse’s Testimony (clue 4)

“I was on the second floor at about 1:30, taking a break, when I noticed a
man wandering around the clinic’s halls. He seemed to be checking the room
numbers on the doors. I had just made up my mind to speak to him when he
disappeared down a flight of stairs.”

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      Who killed Kurt McCoy?

      • Dr. Bromley
      • Emil McCoy
      • The nurse
      • Not sure
      What was the motive?
      How was it done?

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