Solve-it #004 – The “Fallen” Scientist

Lab Results (clue 1)

a) The cup found in the cottage contained a few tablespoons of tea.
Dissolved in the tea was a Hydrochlorozinian-based substance
(a strong hallucinogenic compound).

b) The partial pill discovered in the vitamins was a Hydrochlorozinian-based
substance. The Forty Six remaining pills were vitamins.

Coroner’s Report (clue 2)

“Lucille LaBoux died from trauma resulting from a fall off a roof. However,
the toxic amounts of a hallucinogenic drugs found in her bloodstream would
have resulted in death within thirty minutes.”

Victim’s Possessions (clue 3)

“We discovered a silver locket in Miss LaBoux’s possession.” The locket,
a family heirloom from Doctor Madori’s grandmother, had been kept in a
safe deposit box. Only the Madoris had the combination.

Search of The House (clue 4)

A bag found in the house had three books in it: “Perennial Blooms,”
“The Rochester Guide to Library Cataloguing,” and “The Kama Sutra Way
to Female Pleasure.” There was a credit card receipt. The signature
on the receipt reads “C. Madori.”

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      Who is responsible for Lucille LaBoux’s demise?

      • Doctor Madori
      • Miss LaBoux
      • Rupert
      • Not sure
      How did she die?
      What was the motive?

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