Solve-it #005 – The Ghostly Killer – Clues


“It was a single, fatal blow, delivered in a downward thrust of the knife, the handlegrip turned up in the fingers for a better grasp. We have yet to determine ownership of the weapon.

“The murder scene was dusted and six fingerprints belonging to Mr. Willis were found. Although the room was thoroughly blood-splattered, none of these prints contained any trace of blood. No prints at all were found on the weapon.”


“Our initial blood samples produced only one type of blood, a type matching the decedent’s. A later sample taken from the shirt, however, revealed a secondary blood source. According to the tests, this was animal blood, most probably cat or dog. We have no idea how cat or dog blood could have gotten to the scene of the crime. Police error or lab error cannot be ruled out.”


A hunting knife identical in make to the murder weapon was discovered lodged in the branches of a tree not far from the murder room window. The majority of the knife’s 6-inch blade had been broken off, leaving only a 3/4 inch shaft of steel. No trace of the blade was found. This second knife had been wiped clean of prints, but a microscopic examination revealed traces of blood on the broken shaft. A lab analysis reveals this as animal blood, probably from a cat or dog.

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      • Billy Willis
      • Anne Kincaid
      • The clerk
      • Not sure
      How was the crime performed?
      What one piece of evidence “fingered” the killer?

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