Solve-it #006 – The Asprey Whites – Clues

Additional Clues

Officer on Scene (clue 1)

“We assume it was the first shot that missed, since the witnesses described a heavy thud after the second shot. For the longest time we couldn’t locate that first bullet. It was in the ceiling, clear across the room from the desk where the body was found.

“The desk’s bottom right drawer was open about 1/4th of the way. There were fresh scratches in the wood of the drawer’s inside edge. These scratches match tiny slivers of woods on the sides of the revolver handle. The window was open. The door to the dumb-waiter was closed. We also found a pair of men’s gloves with traces of gun oil on them.”

Description of Murder Weapon (clue 2)

A Scotland Yard firearms expert describes it as an American-made Colt .45 revolver, known to have been part of the deceased’s gun collection which he kept under lock and key in a downstairs display case. “There were no fingerprints, but we did find several fresh scratches on the trigger. Horizontal scratches, probably made by a hard metal object.”

Coroner’s Evidence (clue 3)

“He was killed by a single gunshot. The bullet entered the right jaw at a steep upward trajectory and lodged itself in the upper left hemisphere of the cerebrum. There was no evidence of a struggle.

“In view of the deceased’s business debts and his rather large life insurance policy, our office was asked specifically about suicide. The evidence doesn’t seem to support this possibility. The revolver was fired from approximately six feet away and was found inside the open drawer, several feet from the body. Also, at the time of his murder, Lord Dudley had his gun hand occupied. He was holding the poker.”

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      Who killed Lord Dudley?

      • Lady Dudley
      • Captain Eugene Batts
      • Lord Dudley, himself
      • Not sure
      How was it done?
      What happened to the Asprey Whites?

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