Solve-it #007 – The Unresolved Murder – Clues

Theresa’s Statement (clue 1)

“We’re a very tight-knit little group. George and Ronald and I were all here
from the beginning seven years ago. Most of the crew have worked for us off
and on for years. Dick Dearhart and Burt have been here for almost three years.
Patti a little less. All very reliable. Team players. The only recent hire is
Keith, and he’s the son of the network vice president in charge of the show.”

Autopsy Results (clue 2)

The deceased’s stomach contained partially digested donut and coffee,
and undigested juniper berry juice and honey, but no traces of poison
of any traceable sort. However, later tests made on samples of Stork’s
blood turned up a lethal dose of Aconitum napellus, a poisonous plant
also known as monkshood, in this case the variety called yellow monkshood
or A. lutescens, which is found in mountainous areas of the Western United
States. No punctures or cuts were found on the body.

Network Press Release (clue 3)

Due to the sudden and untimely demise of award-winning, beloved actor
and TV host Ronald Stork, the TV series “Unresolved Murders” will go
on hiatus for the next three weeks. The slot will be filled with special
programs until the series can return with a new host. There is no truth
to the rumor that Congressman Sonny Bono has been hired to replace Mr. Stork.

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      Who killed Ronald Stork?

      • Director Dearhart
      • Captain Eugene Batts
      • Henry Alfonso aka Burt Camfurt
      • Not sure
      What was the method?
      Why was he killed?

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