Solve-it #008 – The Baffling Break-ins – Additional Clues

Robbery Evidence (clue 1)

A housekeeper reported overhearing the Reverend Billy’s end of the
following phone conversation. “It’s the third time Chief Atkins came
to question me. He knows. I can’t take the pressure. I have to
confess, clear my conscience. — That’s all right for you to say.
He’s not after you. I’m going to make a clean breast of everything.
— Yes, everything. I don’t care. — No, I’m not going to jail.
I’ll disappear. Confess then disappear. Wait! Someone’s coming.
I’ll call you right back.” (Overheard on Wednesday evening, one day
before the Reverend’s disappearance.)

Arson Evidence (clue 2)

The state arson squad identified the accelerant used to start the
Bulky Woman fire. Chief Atkins determined that only one place in
Newton City, a cleaning supply company, carried this specific
compound. On the day before the first break-in, the police
department subpoenaed the company’s records and narrowed the
purchaser down to two possibilities, both men in their late twenties
with criminal records in insurance fraud. No connection has been
found between either man and Jessica Grandee. The cleaning supply
company is located one block from the police chief’s home.

Kidnapping Evidence (clue 3)

The only possible lead Chief Atkins has in this case is the ransom
money, all of it in $100 and $50 bills. Several of the marked bills
were passed in stores known to have been frequented by the suspected
kidnapper, Art Tyner. One of the stores in question was the Bulky
Woman, where Art shopped for clothes with his girlfriend Tina. A
marked bill was recovered from this location just one day prior to
the Bulky Woman arson.

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      Who sent the taunting note?

      • Director Dearhart
      • Captain Eugene Batts
      • Henry Alfonso aka Burt Camfurt
      • Not sure
      Why had the chief’s house been broken into?
      What facts about the break-in schedule gave the chief the solution?

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