Solve-it #026: Houdini Homicide – Solution


His wife Charlene plotted and executed the murder of Andrew Kolman.

She was Andy’s ‘secret’ assistant, her job being to pass the handcuff key to him from her mouth to his during her “farewell” kiss.

Charlene, however, passed him the wrong key.


Charlene’s flirting may have been innocent, but not her hatred of her husband. She wanted to be free again, and the water escape gave her the perfect opportunity for a quick final “divorce.” The handcuff key she held in her mouth when the “pass” took place wouldn’t work on the cuffs Andy was wearing. When she threw herself on her husband’s dead body she was searching for the key, knowing it would still be somewhere in the chest. She didn’t want the handcuff lock tested with a key that wouldn’t fit … for the world to know that her farewell to Andrew Kolman was a kiss of death.


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