Solve-it #028: Cabin Killer – Solution


Peter Miles killed the young woman in cold blood.

The cold drink he was having gave him away.

Sheriff Brawley caught him cold, when he realized there were ice cubes in his drink, proving he was in the cabin much longer than he statedÑlong enough to commit murder.


The autopsy proved the obvious, that the young woman died of a puncture wound to the heart. It also proved the not-so-obviousÑthat she was in the early stages of pregnancy. About to be married, Peter Miles didn’t want the threat of having a clandestine girlfriend expose her condition to his future bride and her family. He invited her to the cabin, and put an end to the threat and her life. He smashed the front door lock to make it look like a break-in. But then he made the mistake of making himself a bracing Scotch on the rocks. When Brawley saw the ice in his glass, and the full tray of ice cubes in the refrigerator, he knew that Peter Miles had been in the cabin close to an hour. It would have taken that long after turning on the electricity. (P.S. The State didn’t turn on the electricity. Peter got a life sentence.)


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