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Secrecy surrounds an Irish police organization
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Midnight Clear: A Callahan Garrity MysteryMidnight Clear: A Callahan Garrity Mystery
The popular author of Strange Brew returns with the irrepressible Callahan Garrity in a special Christmas mystery. It's a few days before Christmas and Callahan thinks that for once she has things under control. That's before her sister-in-law is found murdered and Callahan must clear her brother's name.
Strange Brew: A Callahan Garrity MysteryStrange Brew: A Callahan Garrity Mystery
Cleaning lady cum sleuth Callahan Garrity has cautiously watched her seedy bohemian Atlanta neighborhood morph into a trendy haven for yuppies. But just as she fears, too much cappuccino and new money can be a bad mix. When the young owner of a microbrewery looking to score prime real estate turns up dead, neighborhood local Wuvvy, an aging flower child and the brewer's bitterest foe, becomes the prime suspect. Digging for evidence to clear Wuvvy, Callahan isn't prepared for the succulent secrets she finds--shocking truths that force her to reassess old friendships and an old love--as even deadlier developments surface.
Heart Trouble: A Callahan Garrity MysteryHeart Trouble: A Callahan Garrity Mystery
The fifth novel in an acclaimed series featuring cleaning lady/sleuth Callahan Garrity. Atlanta takes time out from its pre-Olympic frenzy to obsess about the murder case of Whitney Dobbs. A boozy socialite, Whitney earned the wrath of the city when she killed a little girl in a hit-and-run. When Whitney is shot while doing her community service, Callahan is suspicious about the victim's ex-husband. Callahan gets help from her House Mouse cleaning team to track down one mean, mad killer.


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