Prime Suspect: Crackling Good British Police Procedural

ad-prime-suspect-dvd-medA woman has been found brutally murdered. Her arms and hands have been bound. She is thought to be a prostitute, Della Mornay. For Detective Chief Inspector John Shefford and his partner Detective Sergeant Bill Otley, the case appears straightforward. A rare blood type discovered at the scene points to one man, George Marlow, previously convicted of rape.

When Shefford is unable to complete the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison is assigned to the case– a first-ever for a female DCI. Immediately she comes up against a blue wall of resistance, gradually uncovering secrets– designed to protect DCI Shefford– that muddy the case.

The discovery of a second body throws the investigation into confusion when the autopsy and crime scene investigators produce shocking new evidence. What started as the investigation of one murder soon grows into a national hunt for clues in pursuit of a merciless serial killer.

Someone is picking up pretty young women and slaughtering them. Could it still be the first suspect, George Marlow? With little support from above, no support from below, and at great personal cost, DCI Tennison faces a long hard road that will lead her to the darker places of a man’s soul. A place where most closely kept secrets are the most terrifying… and the most revealing.

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“**** Gritty and graphic must-see… terrific fun, suspending you in an edgy state of perpetual doubt.” – USA Today

“**** Highly recommended… prime viewing. Everything about the drama — the plot, characters and language — is refreshingly adult.” – NY Post

“The crime field now has a new phenom: as Chief Inspector Jane Tennison, Helen Mirren not only plays a heroine, she gives a heroic performance. She spares nothing, no one, not even herself.” – Vanity Fair

“A lean, taut script… Miss Mirren is a powerhouse, a tightly wound dynamo.” – New York Times

“One of the finest productions ever to grace the PBS “Mystery!” series. The original script is a masterwork. The pacing and stylishness is admirable. The acting is superb. Mirren is exquisite… it’s a gutsy, unforgettable turn.” – Chicago Tribune

“Masterpiece Mystery. Crackling good… tingly, suspenseful.”- LA Times

“A crackling good British police procedural. Helen Mirren is particularly strong.” – People

“Terrific. What’s genuinely exciting about “Prime Suspect” is the drama of scrupulous police work.” – New York magazine

“Gritty, tough, raw… Gripping, taut, had me on the edge of my couch. She rattled my cup of tea. … What a wonderful actress Mirren is… Exhilarating.” – NY Newsday

“Fast, slick, riveting. It holds your attention from beginning to end. Superb, detailed police work.” – NY Daily News

“I didn’t move for the next four hours. And it was the second time I watched it.” – Village Voice

“Tough. Raw energy and a hard-nosed coarse realism.” – Christian Science Monitor


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