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"Happy Halloween" by Tim Myers

Twist #292 - December 2014

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A quick check showed that there were no cars in the parking area behind the house. Good, the owners were undoubtedly at the country club's masquerade dance, along with the rest of the town's elite. It was, for Yancey, the perfect site for his crime.

Getting inside was simplicity itself. The owners had depended far too much on their exotic burglar alarm, leaving themselves wide open with simple locks that were no match for Yancey's skill.

He was inside in an instant, savoring the rush of adrenaline he always felt whenever he broke into a place he'd never been before. Once inside, he decided to head upstairs and hit the bedrooms first, since that was where the jewelry invariably was kept.

As his foot hit the second floor marble landing, he heard a shriek coming from down the upstairs hallway. A woman's voice started as a low cry that quickly developed into a horrifying wail that shook his teeth. Someone was inside, and from the sound of it, she was in agony.

Without another thought, Yancey turned and headed back down the staircase. He didn't want to be on the premises when anyone else was around, and from the sound of the scream, he definitely didn't want to be discovered there while someone was being murdered!

Before he could get to the bottom of the steps, he heard another scream on the landing where he'd just been. There, peering down at him from above, was a woman who appeared to be covered in blood. She shrieked, "Help me. He's gone insane," as she fell to the floor. From the look of her, she was beyond his help. The thought that somewhere in the house was a killer firmed his resolve. He had to get out of there, and he had to do it now.

Yancey spun around and sprinted for the door. Unfortunately, he tripped on the last step and went flying to the floor. As he picked himself up, Yancey saw movement out of the corner of his eye and looked up toward the staircase. Coming down the stairs two treads at a time was a mad man wielding a butcher knife covered with the woman's blood. There was a look of intense hatred on his face as he ripped down the steps. Yancey flew out the door, his feet barely touching the ground. He didn't stop running until he safely back home again.