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"Murder by Lembeck" by Richard Ciciarelli

Twist #281 - January 2016

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Aneatly dressed newsman read from sheets of yellow paper, "A startling revelation in the Martin murder case had just been made public. The city coroner, in an official statement, told reporters that an autopsy has shown that whoever shot the businesman did not technically commit murder since Martin had died an hour or so earlier of a massive coronary. His would-be assassin shot his dead body. Police, however, are still..."

Harvey's jaw fell open and he stared at the luminescent tube in a stupor.

All that planning -- all the chances he took -- for nothing. For nothing! That fool of a boss had killed himself with his drunkenness and late hours. A power far greater than Harvey Lembeck had apparently shared Harvey's idea that Mr. Martin had abused for too long the privilege of living. The one time Harvey had managed to muster up enough courage to do something daring, important, drastic, fate beat him to it.

Harvey Lembeck was a truly disappointed man. The only consolation he could find in the whole situation was that even though his plan had proved unnecessary, it was still a foolproof one. He had been meticulous in his execution of his strategy. He'd never be caught. He had foreseen every possible pitfall and had avoided them all.

That's when the second shock came.

"Harvey!" his wife said in an agitated voice as she shook him out of his trance. "That was the police on the phone. My brother's been arrested for holding up a liquor store. They claim he's the stocking bandit that's been terrorizing the city for over a year. And guess what they said about the gun he used?"

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