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"Sugar Daddy" by Dorothy Francis

Twist #299 - July 2015

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Iforced myself to nod and step toward him. "Would you empty your coat pockets for us?" His icy gaze goaded me into complying. Besides, I had nothing to hide. I placed everything in my pockets on the table.

"That's it, just like I told you!" Arlene pointed to the silver-wrapped tube. "The jewelry store delivered it less than two hours ago. A special delivery. Open it, please."

The officer opened the tube which contained a gold pen. He read the inscription. "To Jake, with love. Sober one month and forever after."

"This party was Martha's surprise for Jake," Arlene said. "I chose the wrapping for that gift a short time ago. I knew when Jake pulled it from his pocket that he'd seen Martha after the gift had been delivered and that something was wrong. She had planned to be here tonight to surprise Jake with this gift and her public affirmation of her future sobriety. When she didn't come in with him, I called the police and got them to go over to Martha's house."

I remembered Martha slipping her hand into my jacket pocket. Some present she had given me! I reached for my asthma inhaler, but the officer was placing the handcuffs on my wrists.

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