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"The Way to a Man's Heart" by Elizabeth Dearl

Twist #296 - April 2015

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"Oh, a Valentine's gift? How sweet. What is it? Let me see."

I held it up. "He told me he hates electric shavers."

"Gad, he still uses a straight razor? That takes guts. But I guess it explains why his cheeks are always so smooth."

"How would you know?" I blurted out. "Oh, I know a lot about Fred. Of course, I'm sure I'll get to know him even better after we're married." My jaw dropped. She bared her perfect dentures in a smile. "After I saw Jane at the market this morning, I went by her house to visit Fred. Sometimes it's hard to get rid of that sister of his when we want to be alone, so I grab every opportunity." "You... and Fred?" Emma didn't seem to notice that my voice had risen to a shriek. "He acted so odd when I first arrived that I wondered what on earth was wrong with him. But then..." She fumbled with a silver chain around her neck and pulled the turquoise ring from beneath her blouse. "Kind of pretty, isn't it? It'll do for a wedding band until I can talk him into something more expensive." She tucked the chain out of sight. "Fred told me that he was having dinner with you tonight so that he could ask you how he should propose to me... said he knew that you and I were old friends and he was hoping you could give him some advice about how to make it more romantic."

"Advice?" I was having trouble breathing.

"Yes, but I assured him that he did just fine on his own. Anyway, I suggested I meet him here so that we could both tell you the good news, but I just couldn't wait another minute. Oh, well, we can still have dinner together. There's enough chicken for three, isn't there?" She giggled. "You should have seen him, Grace. So charming. Down on one knee, begging for my hand." I looked at the razor. When the doorbell rang thirty minutes later, I left the dripping package on the coffee table while I went to answer. I realized that I'd eventually have to decide how to dispose of the rest of Emma, but fair is fair. Fred had begged for her hand, so I'd make sure he got it... in a nicely wrapped box, tied with a big red bow. I hid the razor behind my back as I opened the door. Yes, he was more than welcome to her hand, but before the evening was over his heart would belong to me. The only question was where I would keep it.

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