Twist #5 – Expectations Met by Kris Neri


Dewey Rafer had never met anyone’s expectations of him. He was such a screw-up, that no matter how he worked the angles, something always went wrong.

But not this time. Nothing could stop him from killing his wife.

Marrying her wasn’t his best idea. Dewey would never have given chatty, plain Peg Daniels a second look if her rich uncle, Lou, hadn’t been scratching at death’s door. Who knew Lou hated Peg’s old man enough to cut his side of the family from his will?

Marriage hadn’t improved Peg’s looks, but it sure made her more talkative. He got to hate the sound of that voice so much, he conned a job selling on the road from her brother-in-law. A good job, too. High commissions, or they would be if he made any sales; and great benefits–life insurance for both he and Peg.

But Peg saved up her conversation. He’d no sooner come through the door than she would sit him down, serve him a cup of her awful herbal tea and say, “Now, Dewey, you’re gonna set a spell and listen to me–if it’s the last thing you do.”

Then she’d yammer on about how she missed him so much she needed to take those sleeping capsules the doctor prescribed when he wasn’t there.

Still, Dewey hadn’t tried to get rid of her–till he met Linda.

One night while Dewey was celebrating his latest escape from Peg, he fell down and gashed his head. Luckily, the emergency room nurse who treated him was Linda.


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