Twist #5 – Expectations Met by Kris Neri

With just two days remaining in the grace period the brother-in-law gave him, Dewey counted just five capsules remaining in the bottle when he left. So he nearly jumped through his skin when Peg met him at the door the next day. She wasn’t dead yet!

Stunned by his failure, Dewey let Peg lead him to the kitchen for tea. She must have changed brands again. This one was really bitter, not sweet like the last one.

He glanced at the counter and saw the empty bottle. She’d taken them all. How was that possible? He’d put enough medication in those capsules to kill a battalion.

Suddenly, Dewey felt woozy. “Peg, I don’t feel so good.”

“Now, Dewey, you’re just relaxing,” Peg said with a coy smile. “I have a confession to make. My sleeping pills weren’t working so I got a stronger medicine from the doctor. But I’ve been slipping a few of the others into your tea because you’ve been so tense.”

No! Dewey tried to rush to the bathroom, but the pills had turned him into a puddle–one that was about to drown him!

“Now don’t you think about leaving, Dewey. You’re gonna set a spell and listen to me–if it’s the last thing you do.”

A screw-up right to the end, Dewey Rafer finally met someone’s expectations of him.


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