Twist #019 – True Confessions by Esther B. Wheeler


Mrs. Glorybelle Anderson danced into the police station and handed Judy, the receptionist, a heart-shaped box of candy.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear,” she said.

Mrs. Anderson looked like a valentine herself with a bright pink dress and a flower covered hat. Before Judy could thank her, she scooted into the inner office.

“Dear Captain Brady!” She held a newspaper out in front of her. “I have come to confess!”

“What this time?” he muttered.

She smiled sweetly. “You had better get someone in with a pad to take notes. Then I’ll tell you all about it.”

“What are you confessing to this time?” he demanded.

She wiped her eyes and spoke sadly. “The hit and run accident. Right here in the paper.”

“Mrs. Anderson!” His voice was rising. “You don’t drive a car. You don’t even own a car. How could you have had an accident?”

“Strange isn’t it? All I can think of is that I was sleep-walking and stole a car and then had an accident. Now, hadn’t you better get someone to take notes?”

“All right! All right!” he walked to the door and told his receptionist to send in Officer Harrington.

“Do you remember being in a car and hitting someone?” asked Brady.

“Actually, no. But I had this vivid dream and there’s no doubt in my mind that I was out in a car and struck that poor man.”

“Mrs. Anderson.” He gritted his teeth. “Do you remember just a month ago that you confessed to shooting a drug dealer on Maren Street even though you don’t own a gun and had never gone near Maren Street?

She sighed. “I have always thought you didn’t investigate that one thoroughly enough.”

“We found the murderer,” Brady growled. “And it wasn’t you. Then what about the time you claimed to have kidnapped the Rosenberg baby?”

The sweetest of smiles played on her face. “Strange, isn’t it?”

Brady choked out the words. “Just go home, Mrs. Anderson. Maybe you’d better call your shrink. We’ll be in touch with you later.”

Mrs. Anderson looked back over her shoulder to see Captain Brady pulling out a bottle of aspirin. She knew what he was telling Officer Harrington. She had overheard him before. He thought she felt guilty because she had failed her husband, which was why he left her for the blonde secretary. Oh well, it might be a good idea to call Dr. Leroy after all.


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