Twist #025 – The Woman from Yesterday by Edward D. Hoch

I should have done it a year ago,” he said, and took a step toward her. “She ruined my life, you know. When I saw her coming in here, I came up behind her in the doorway downstairs and stabbed her.”

“Dave, don’t come any closer.”

He stepped into the light and she saw that he still had the knife. Whether he intended to use it on her, she never knew. A scream escaped her lips and suddenly the room was full of people. Sergeant Toland ran from the bedroom, pinning Dave’s arms to his sides while another young officer grabbed the knife and handcuffed him.

Brenda steadied herself keep from trembling. “He killed her,” she told the detective. “He killed her.”

“We heard.”

“How did you–?”

“Look at the uniform he’s wearing. He’s been working as a bus driver since he got back to town. I noticed him waiting at the bus stop across the street–“

“I did too,” Brenda remembered. “I saw him before the killing.”

“–You told me you caught the last bus home, and they don’t run out here after seven. Surely a driver would know that. If he wasn’t waiting for a bus, I decided he might be watching your apartment, waiting till we were gone. We circled the block and came back just in time.”

“I don’t think he would have harmed me,” Brenda said. “He loved me.”

But that was yesterday, she knew, and yesterday he had loved Mavis too.


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