Twist #026 – A Neighborly Gesture by Linda K. Wright

Martha’s positive feelings were not shared by her husband. In town, Frank slipped on his loafers as he sat on his latest girlfriend’s bed. He’d stayed later than he’d planned and knew he better be getting home. As it was, Martha would be giving him the silent treatment, which included a repertoire of dirty looks and a cold dinner. He delayed going home, a little longer. He had to stick around to see Debbie get dressed. He always enjoyed that. She was getting ready to go to her job at the Thirsty Man Bar. Something was missing. The bandanna he’d given her.

“Hey honey, aren’t you going to wear the bandanna I gave you?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you.” Debbie came over to Frank and brushed her lips lightly against his. “You remember the girl who came into town with me – Jill?” Debbie sat down close to Frank, giving him short kisses on his neck.

“She wanted to go exploring the hollow today and I lent her the bandanna. In this heat, I knew she’d need something to wipe her face with, so I lent it to her. I hope you don’t mind.”

Frank smiled at Debbie as he was leaving. He always had admired a neighborly gesture.


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