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"Key to Success" by Richard Ciciarelli

Twist #266 - September 2006

Originally appeared Sep 2000

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Key to Success

She knew disposing of the body would be much more difficult.

Sylvia Conners stared down at the body of her husband. Contrary to all she had read, the act of killing him had been quite easy. When John had slapped her during their heated argument, it was a natural reaction for Sylvia to grab the fireplace poker and strike him with it.

Yes, killing him was easy. But now Sylvia knew she had to dispose of the body, and that would be much more difficult.

Sitting on the sofa, she told herself, "Stay calm; don't panic. In an emergency the key to success is to relax and think things through."

Sylvia had read many murder mystery novels, so she was familiar with how the villains of those books got rid of their victims.

"I could bury him in the back yard," she thought. But then she decided, "Impossible. I could never do all that digging and refilling a hole big enough to hide John's body. Besides, Blanche would be suspicious when John suddenly disappeared and at the same time the back yard was dug up."

Blanche was Blanche Webster, Sylvia's next door neighbor and the neighborhood snoop. She seemed to know everything about everyone on the block. Getting past her would be a formidable task.

"Blanche saw John drive away earlier tonight," Sylvia thought. "I saw her wave to him. But he came back while she was away. Maybe I could use that to my advantage."

Sylvia rose and began pacing the floor. As she did, her gaze fell upon the evening newspaper which was opened to the theater section.

"Of course," she gasped. "I can drive to one of those adult movie houses, dump John's body in an alley, and leave the car. That way it will look like he was attacked in some unsavory section of town." Sylvia smiled at her ingenuity. "Then all I have to do is get home unrecognized. But how?"