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"Crying Wolf" by Kimberly Brown

Twist #295 - March 2015

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Mr. Fixit

It was usually the same old story, with different players: someone was tired of a husband or wife.

Willis stood with his hands handcuffed behind his back, the incriminating pillowcase at his feet. He glared at the cop.

"How did you guys get here so fast?" he demanded. "The alarm's only been going for a few minutes."

The cop shook his head. "Son, that alarm's been ringing at the station for almost twenty minutes."

"Yep," another cop said. He made a vague motion to the store he had just quickly searched. "Those balloons'll do it every time."

"What do you mean?" Willis demanded.

"Soon as you set the alarm, those swaying balloons set off the motion detector. I can't tell you how many office buildings we've gone to in the middle of the night because of those things."

Willis grimaced. Esther and her stupid balloons! It was all her fault!

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