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Blair S. Walker's
A Darryl Billups Mystery
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HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW With the release of Up Jumped The Devil, Blair S. Walker had a highly praised mystery debut that featured sleuthing Baltimore newspaperman Darryl Billups. Now the African-American journalist returns in his second suspenseful tale that puts him on the trail of a cunnning serial killer.
Some twisted soul is killing young African-American professionals in Baltimore. The vitims are being discovered nude in their bathtubs, cause of death unknown, their faces defilded with Confederate flag decals. Charging into this baffling state of affairs comes journalist Darryl Billups, fresh from solving a rash of neo-Nazi bombings and murders that terrorized the city. Darryl's life is on the upswing- he's growing closer by the day to his live-in-love, Yolanda, and her young son, Jamal. Plus Darryl's been promoted to management at the "Baltimore Herald".
But when he gets a tip about the Confederate flag murders from a friendly detective. Darryl temporarily abandons his editing duties and eagerly returns to the world of reporting.
Relying on investigative tricks learned over the years-and a few ad-libbed out of necessity-Darryl unwittingly places himself within the deadly orbit of the killer, who also claims a young black doctor in Atlanta. It's not long before Darryl's probing begins to have surreal impacts that put his career, and life, in jeopardy. A consequence of taking on a crafty murderer who's placed Darryl's name on "Satan's Guest List"-a list of those slated to die. As sensational and heart-pounding as the first Darryl Bilups mystery Hidden In Plain View is a breathtaking chase into a twisting labyrinth of tormented emotions, misguided passions, revenge and destruction.

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"An entertaining read."
   - USA Today

"Written with wry humor and a sense of social awareness, Walker's style brings to mind the works of Chester Himes."
   - Courier Sound, Louisville, Kentucky

"A keeper and an inspiration."
   - Express Morning News, San Antonio, Texas

"With a distinct and soulful voice, Blair Walker has woven an intricate web of drama, conspiracy, and homeboy humor into this gem of a book."
   - Keith T. Clinkscales, President & CEO of Vibe Magazine.

"Darryl Billups is a news reporter with wit enough to fashion his own escape-- and solve a shocking hate crime in the process."
   - David Simon, author of Homicide and The Corner

"Full of raucous good humor, tragedy, suspense. . .and one bighearted, upstanding, larger-than-life hero."
   - Booklist

"Walker is a talented writer."
   - The Star Democrat

"...a debut that promises more to come."
   - The Washington Times

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