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Valerie Wilson Wesley's
Fifth in the Tamara Hayle series
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EASIER TO KILL Popular, well-respected radio talk-show host Mandy Magic seems to have it all and then some. Born Starmanda Jackson and raised in the projects of Newark, Magic has literally talked her way out of poverty. But she is stalked by a past that won't let her go. When a threatening note and repeated acts of vandalism make her fear for her safety and cast doubt on the recent, apparently robbery-related death of her stylist, Magic enlists the aid of Newark P. I. Tamara Hayle. But as Tamara soon discovers, Mandy is a woman of secrets and half-truths with more shady characters in her past and present than she cares to admit. There's Rufus Greene, a former pimp with a mysterious and persistent hold on her and Kenton Daniels, III, the nasty, wastrel son of a prominent Newark family. There is her oldest friend, bad-tempered Pauline Reese, who won't let anyone, least of all Mandy Magic, forget where she came from, and her adopted daughter, Taniqua, whose young, haunted eyes have seen more of life's evil than anyone should. And the more truth Tamara seeks, the more of Magic's lies she uncovers, until she faces a brutal killer hell-bent upon taking a cruel revenge and destroying everyone that stands in the way.

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In just three Tamara Hayle mysteries, Valerie Wilson Wesley has created one of the most memorable private investigators to hit urban streets in years. "Tamara continues to emerge as a strong, decisive woman." --Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
"Driven by Wesley's obvious compassion for people of inner-city Newark-Tamara's consistently sharp, honest voice carries the book forward as it delves into complex social issues." --Publishers Weekly
"There's richness of language in Wesley's writing...She makes the mean streets of Newark come alive." --San Francisco Examiner
"A wonderfully believable and independent sleuth who combines intellect and intuition, sexiness, and self-control, tenderness and toughness." --Denver Post

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