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A former Washington D.C. cop has a personal mystery to solve when her foster mother is kidnapped.
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Her name is not her name...

Her past is clouded by shadow...

Leigh Ann Warren was tough enough to make it as a cop on the meanest of D.C.'s streets. Now it's time for a different career, a marriage, and a new life. Then her phone rings, and a low, threatening voice sends her world spinning into chaos.

The lives of two innocent people are at stake. Someone dear to her heart faces a cruel and undeserved fate. Suddely Leigh Ann's tangled roots are dragging her back to the small African-American coastal community where her past's most lethal secrets are hidden. Here, with precious time ticking away, this frantic former cop must separate the truth from the lies and follow the mysteries of the family she never knew -- and of her own parents' early deaths -- to their devastating source. Because somewhere amid old feuds, stunning personal revelations, and shocking scandals are the answers Leigh Ann desperately needs to prevent a tragedy . . . and to live another day.

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"Chassie West creates characters so warm, wonderful, and delightfully quirky they jump right off the page."

New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich

"Chassie West never fails to delight her readers, a natural storyteller."

Helen Chappell, author of Giving Up the Ghost

"A female Walter Mosley."

-- Award-winning author Eileen Dreyer

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