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STUFFED by Brian Wiprud

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Fiction - Mystery & Detective | Dell | Paperback | May 2005 | $6.99 | 0-440-24188-X

Brian Wiprud is "the funniest tough-guy writer there is." —Lee Child

STUFFED by Brian Wiprud Leaping fishes. Prowling bobcats. Frosty penguins and mute moose heads...These are the things that fill Garth Carson's life as he buys, sells, and rents exotic taxidermy from his funky New York City storefront. But now Garth and his gal, Angie, have acquired the most sinister stuffed critter in the world: a certain white crow in a bell jar that Angie swoons over—and that other people are dying to get their hands on.

When the crow is stolen, along with $50,000 worth of their best taxidermy, Garth and Angie are plunged into the spooky heart of old New England and a realm of crazed carnies, bumbling feds, and a couple of freshly snuffed collectors. To save their bird—and their lives—these two reluctant sleuths must penetrate a zany, highly illegal international treasure hunt...and confront a freak who has a thing for murder.

About Brian Wiprud

Brian Wiprud
Photo credit: John Ferrentino

Home: New York City
Age: Wears red tennis shoes
Physical Description: Diabolical
Profession: Mystery Author, Outdoor Writer, and Photographer
Publisher: Bantam Dell
Agency: Trident Media Group
Latest Accomplishments:
- 2002 Lefty Award for Most Humorous Novel
- 2003 Barry Award Nominee for Best Paperback Original
- 2004 Independent Mystery Booksellers Association Bestseller
Favorite Books: I, Squid, Chuck Flink, Tubing Badgers for Fun and Profit, Bubbles Tenzer
Favorite Movies: Bowanga! Bowanga! Eegah!
Favorite Albums: Arrg! Johnny Neanderthal & The Cave Dwellers
Hobby: Cutting Edge Top-Secret Devices
Favorite Lines: "What a gorgeous day. What effulgent sunshine. It was a day of this sort the McGillicuddy brothers murdered their mother with an axe." —WC Fields
Favorite Scotch: Bourbon



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