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A dead body in a Massachusetts Shaker village ...
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Sister Rose Callahan

Eugenie (Gennie) Malone

I was born just down the road in Languor, Kentucky. I was orphaned at age three and brought here to the North Homage Shaker village, where I was raised.

I'm in my late thirties somewhere. I lose track.

I'm first and foremost a Shaker Sister, currently serving as eldress of North Homage.

How did...
One morning Gennie found a body in our Herb House. Though we Believers are nonviolent, the county sheriff was out to prove that one of us was the killer. So I did some investigating of my own.

A certain Shaker Elder who insists we leap back a century and live as we did at the height of our strength. He makes life very difficult!

Deborah Woodworth

Deborah Woodworth
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